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FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) are a versatile and really sturdy suggests that of packaging created particularly for the employment of storage and transportation of the many various kinds of bulk products. There are many alternative samples of such product that vary counting on the trade they’re required in. Examples embrace Powders, granules, flakes aggregates, plus many, many more.A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC), bulk bag, or big bag, is an industrial container made of flexible fabric that is designed for storing and transporting dry, flowable products, such as sand, fertilizer, and granules of plastic.

Regular Jumbo Bags (Type A)
Anti-static Jumbo Bags (Type B)
Conductive Jumbo Bags (Type C)
U + 2 and Circular Bags
Ventilated Bags (With and without Interlocking)
Bottle Shaped/Pre Shaped Liner Bags
Liners with or without Tabbing
Glued Liner bags
Bags for Hazardous commodity (UN Bags)
Dust Proof Bags
Baffle Bags
Tunnel Lift Loop Bags
Single Loop and Two Loop bags

Products We Offer

U-Panel Bag

U-Panel Bulk bags are designed with 3 separate cloth items however a single piece of cloth is used to form 2 sides together with the bottom of the bag. the opposite 2 sides are then stitched on to this ‘U’-shaped panel.

Circular Bag

Circular bulk bags (FIBC) have a circular/tubular body that's a seamless, with only a top and bottom panel sewed into the bag. Circular style bags are ideal for fine and hydroscopic materials.

Baffle Bag

Baffle bags are a kind of Bulk bag or large bag and belong to the FIBC class. they're a good choice if you’re operating under the burden of limited space for storage of these FIBC bags. Baffle FIBC baggage has baffles in the corners that basically help the bags to retain their cubic shape once stuffed with the material. They keep the bulk bag-shaped formed and stop them from bulging. Also, the shaped outer layer of the bag protects it from being strong and causing the material to get out. They weigh down on storage space and also transportation costs get reduced by up to half-hour as compared to square FIBCs bags. Baffle bags are principally used for the storage and transportation of barley, corn, and soybean.

Conical Bag

A conical bag is shaped as a cone at the bottom. These bags are especially suitable to pack tacky products that products so free flowing. such as clay, slurries etc. FIBCs (big bags/bulk bags) with a conical base square measure specially developed for poorly flowing products. The conical} shape at the bottom of the bag ensures that the bulk bag can be discharged quickly and simply. By using this bulk bags, you can sometimes prevent pricey adjustments to discharging systems.

Product Specification with Available Ranges

SWL Range: 500 kg to 2000 kg.
SF Option: 5:1 / 6:1

Lifting Option: One loop, two loop, four loop, and Tunnel loop. Loops made from PP loop (standard loops), PP Multifilament loops (for soft loops) PP fibrillated loops (for semi soft loops) accessible in numerous styles & colours.

Filling Option: Filling spout, Skirt (duffle top), Flap, Iris (Pyjama/Bonout), Star nearer (Petal closer).

Discharge Option: Discharge spout, Skirt (duffle), Flap, Iris (Pyjama/Bonout), Star nearer (Petal closer) & conical.

Liner: With or while not liner. Liner comes in Loose, Glued, Tabbed, sewn Liners, Suspended liners and kind fit/ shape liners.

Printing Options: printed (up to four colours) and unprinted.

Sewing Options: Hiracle & safety, double chain , with or without dustproof.

Sewing Thread/Webbing: In numerous colours together with blue, black, green and red. All colours outlined by Pantone system

Document Pockets: Ziplock – In numerous sizes and materials including clear letter and clear PP. also accessible in self-closing type.

Fabric: Flat plain-woven or circular plain-woven cloth with Coated or uncoated.